When Tomatoes Met Wagner

Thursday October 17, 6pm

Chester Beatty, Dublin Castle, Dublin 2

When Tomatoes Met Wagner


Documentary. 2019. Greece. Directed by Marianna Economou, 72 minutes.
In Greek with English subtitles.

** For 18+ only **



Elias, a small farming village in central Greece, is dying out. But two cousins team up with the village grannies to cultivate the tomato seeds they have kept for hundreds of years. With a little help from Wagner’s music –which they use to help their tomatoes grow– the team succeeds to export little jars with organic tomato recipes across the world.
The film follows the protagonists of this unlikely quest, as they struggle to survive and make their dream come true.
Humorous and bittersweet, this is a story about the importance of reinventing oneself in times of crisis and the power of human relationships.

This special screening will be followed by wine reception sponsored by GAIA WINES.



Fipresci Film Critics Award, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2019.