Πολυξένη: Μια ιστορία από την Πόλη

Friday October 19, 7pm

The New Theatre, 43 Essex St E, Temple Bar, Dublin 2



Drama. 2017. Greece. Directed by Dora Masklavanou. 101 minutes.
Greek with English subtitles.



In 1955 a couple of prominent Greek Istanbulites adopt an orphan Greek girl from the town of their origin. They offer her a powerful family name and ensure her devotion. Twelve-year-old Polyxeni is separated from her younger brother. She embarks on a new life and a future that looks bright. She receives an education, comes of age and falls in love. She has a lust for life, while unsuspicious of the devious plan of annihilation that others are weaving behind her back, targeting her large inheritance.

** Official contender for the Oscars in the best foreign-language category for 2019 **


Best Actress (Katia Goulioni), Best Supporting Actress (Lydia Fotopoulou) and Best Cinematography at the Hellenic Film Academy Awards 2018

Beat Feature Film, Best Performance and Best Director at Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

Grand Prize at Tetouan International Mediterranean Film Festival 2018